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SBI (Sekolah Bertaraf International) Versus SSN (Sekolah Standar Nasional)

Education is the most significant thing in human life. It is based on the regulation in our basic constitution (UUD 1945) that is stated in section 31. It is divided into two subsections. The first subsection stated that every citizen is entitled to the instruction (Tiap-tiap warga negara berhak mendapat pengajaran) and the second subsection stated that the government shall establish and conduct a national education system, regulated by law (Pemerintah mengusahakan dan menyelenggarakan satu sistem pengajaran nasional, yang diatur dengan undang-undang). Indonesia has three types of school which are SBI (Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional), RSBI (Rintisan Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional) and SSN (Sekolah Standar Nasional) and two of which will be our focus. Both of them are SSN (Sekolah Standar Nasional) and SBI (Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional). Thus, the purpose of this essay is to reveal the similarity of SSN and SBI in terms of the peer of study especially in the elementary school and to indicate the differences from three significant points of view: the curriculum, the instructional media, and the school fee.
First of all, we are going to have a deal with the similarity of SBI and SSN. Both of them are have the same peers of study in the elementary school. As we recognize, the students obtain religion, citizenships, mathematics, sciences, socials, Bahasa Indonesia, and English. Similarly, teachers in both SBI and SSN are supposed to teach them with the same cores of subject matters. It is used to provide the students equal basic knowledge for their study later. This means that by giving them the equal basic study, they are will be able to understand these subject matters globally and get the similar basis of it.
Then, we are going to deal with the curriculum aspect. SBI uses SNP (Standar Nasional Pendidikan) plus. The plus means that SBI curriculum is international standardized curriculum determined by Depdiknas.  This kind of school uses English as the media of teaching and learning process. For instance, the school uses English as the language for the paper of Mathematic subject. On the contrary, SSN uses the regular curriculum which is SNP (Standar Nasional Pendidikan) that published in 2006 that content the standard of national curriculum. This kind of school uses Bahasa Indonesia for the instructional language in the lessons. This means that SBI should be prepared more than SSN.  Indeed, educators in SBI must have a high competence in applying the English passive or active.
 Not only that, the instructional media of these two schools is also dissimilar. In SBI, the teaching and learning process is supported with the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) facilities which are VCD (Video Compact Disk), Television, the internet connection, and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).  In addition, that school usually provides AC (Air Conditioner) in the classroom.  On the other hand, SSN’s facilities are not supposed to be as complete as in the SBI. The required facilities are the primary media that is used to support education in the school. For instance that is the visual aids for making the teacher’s instructions more detail. This means that SBI should provide more facilities than SSN. It is used to sustain their international curriculum which is important for the learning activities.
The third aspect of their differences is the school fee. SBI itself requires a lot of funds in the implementation. For instance, to maintain its facilities that cost much more. Definitely, the school fee in this school is high-priced. On the other word, only the rich people can go this particular school while the poor become increasingly marginalized to access it. Unlike SBI that we should pay more to go into the school, SSN can be reached from low level class until high level class. Moreover, our government gives this kind of school full subsidy for public elementary school and public junior high school. The government is subsisted the entrance fee school and the tuition fee. Furthermore, the parents only pay for their need such as books, uniforms, and other stuffs. By giving the subsidy, it can help low level people who want to go to school without any problems.
Based on the explanation above, we can construe that both of SBI and SSN are dissimilar each other. They are in terms of the curriculum of the learning system, the instructional media for teaching, and the school fee. The students and their parents can settle on which one is the proper for them. For the students who would like to go abroad, they can choose the SBI. Also, for those who want to continue their study in this country, they can select the SSN.  Whatever the type of schools, the important thing is their attempt to be smarter when the learning is being conducted. If they can realize it, our country will be more develop within educated people.
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